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The Dave Darin Show NOW 5 days a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7pm - whenever it ends. Mondays and Tuesdays with the weeks Playlist ONLY on

What is Live365? It is one of a few online sources that I am looking at to air the show online. I have 100% abandoned terrestrial radio. What is terrestrial radio? That's on the dial FUCKING censored radio that I managed to get my ass fired from multiple times. NO MORE BULLSHIT!!!!

I have a few ideas, including starting the Dave Darin radio station where I hope to get other host contributing content to form at least a few hours of daily programming. The ultimate online is SIRIUS, although to me, that's not online unless they allow me to still maintain the free podcast for you guys to check out and send to fans, friends, agents, labels, etc. It would suck for me to get on SIRIUS and then you guys have to pay to check out your appearance on the show. WOULD BE FUCKING LAME FOR ME TO DO THAT SO I WON'T.

A little early to think about SIRIUS too seriously, but that's my goal. NO MORE TERRESTIRAL AND NO MORE BULLSHIT!!! OR LOTS OF BULLSHIT depending on what you think of the show.

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