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The Dave Darin Show NOW 5 days a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7pm - whenever it ends. Mondays and Tuesdays with the weeks Playlist ONLY on

Where the Fuck is the studio? OK, let me tell you!!! LITTERALY the studio is anywhere you are. In the beginning the show was done live in the radio studio. Too cramped for 3-4 bands per show to rock into. Moved the show to SER soundworks and later Underdog Studios, to prerecord the show with bands now having time to set up, do sound checks, and record. Great fun at these places. Then I got this idea that the show needs to be where you guys are so the show went portable to any and all venues until I realized that the venues still wanted to charge me to come in even though I promoted their venue and the guys playing the gig. That SUCKED. I was cool paying cover as long as it went 100% to the band but how often is that true??? Now I returned to my home town, Philadelphia "Philly, to recharge, get my groove back and take on a day gig to replenish the finances after KFNX, KKNT amd KWSS drained my finances charging the host for airtime, SELFISH BASTARDS!!! BUT, the show now resumes from, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, my rental car where portable now means I interview the guys using bluetooth cell phone communications or Skype to interview you guys and rock the ONLINE ONLY SHOW which you can check out ONLY on

Where will the show be recorded from when I return to Phoenix???? I have some "real"ideas. 1). Some selected venues that respect the show and respect local music, NOT the ones that fucking use you guys and used me. 2). My home studio. I have had some bands come to my home studio where my dog greated you guys but checked you guys out to make sure you behaved yourselves. 3). This time I intend to travel the country 4 days a week to record some CRAZY ASS BANDS in any and every city. BUT at least 1 day a week the Arizona scene and you guys get on the show. My goal is SIRIUS radio but ONLY if they allow the podcast of the show to be free to you guys that listen to the show. What FUCKING sense would it be for me to expect you guys to come on the show and not be able to hear yourselves without paying. THAT would be fucking lame.

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