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Shelley Wright - We dig deep! Into your pants and under your foreskin! Oh wait, that's right, you don't have any foreskin left. That's alright, it was a personal choice, right? Forget about personal choice, who's making a profit off YOUR foreskin and what on earth are they doing with it?

Shelley gets all Nancy Drew with answers to where the foreskin goes, how it is sold, if parents are well informed, if consent is rendered and moreover who owns it. Prepare to hear about the private bio medical industry that operates in the shadows, with no regulations, within America where circumcision has been normalized. It may sound crazy, but infant foreskin is in high demand, routinely trafficked and for sale right now on the web.

You won't believe who is sucking a bloody child penis under the guise of religion and the dubious American history behind circumcision. Oh and what in the hell are these circumfetish groups about? No matter how you cut it, we have a lot of hard questions to ask.

Like why other countries are proposing bans against male circumcision, is there an American media blackout on the topic, what are these 16 functions, Viagra correlations and why does America need so much freaking lube anyway!!!!!!!!!?

So many questions, but Intactivist and modern mom Shelley Wright has the answers. Call our studio to voice your thoughts on this touchy subject.

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