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The Dave Darin Show NOW 5 days a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7pm - whenever it ends. Mondays and Tuesdays with the weeks Playlist ONLY on

The Dave Darin Show is delighted that you are considering to promote your business on our show. Our show is very unique as it spans every genre of music (hip hop to country) and has the very best of ALL local Phoenix entertainment. We are extremely connected with every band, every listener, and everything that is happening in music. We attend CD release parties, visit the bands regularly, and have an open door policy for any band that needs an extra IMMEDITATE promotion, WE STAY CONNECTED!!!!

You get a great deal of attention for every dollar that you spend sponsoring our show and promoting your business. I, personally will record your commercial and you can market your business on the website. We make sure you are comfortable in ABSOLUTELY EVERY WAY!!!! NO EXCEPTION.

Your sponsor package includes:

1). Live 4 minute interviews once a month on the Dave Darin Show (this equals 3 on air appearances and an opportunity to represent your business, products, and services. A total of 12 mins of air time.

2). Two full segments of a show (20 mins each) within the 13 week commitment dedicated to your business. Please work with the Dave Darin show to book ahead as we have bookings for bands each week so we have to schedule you in our calendar. A total of 40 mins of air time.

3). 2 or more live mentions, including one (1) "live" read commercial by Dave Darin during a 30 minute segment of the show. Currently we are doing this almost weekly as our sponsors play a critical part in helping us do what our hearts tell us we should be doing and that is to help the amazing talents that perform for us in Phoenix. A total of 5 mins of air time.

4). Voice over Sponsor ID during music Intro and Outro of your sponsored 30 minute segment of the show. A total of 5 mins of air time.

5). Web presence as a Sponsor on The Dave Darin Show web page and Newsletter (The Music is the Show)

6). Presentation of business and services at trade shows and speaking engagements.

7). Two (2) 30 second commercials each week or One (1) 60 second commercial each week. A total of 13 mins of air time.

Total financial commitment is $487.50. This financial commitment gives you a solid 75 mins (1hr 15min) of air time spread very evenly and effectively over the 13 weeks of marketing.

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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