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Evonne Walton (Evie) - is an actress, comic, model, voice-over artist from Queens, NY. She is an alum of Mercy College and John Jay College in NY. A mother of 3 grown children and a proud grand-mother!

She is known for her films, "Stuck in the Middle", "Red Flag", and the soon to be released "Jersey Devil". "Lay it on the line with Evie" is Evonne's adult humor talk show on

Now let me, Dave, tell you something about Evie. How did I find Evie? Craigslist ad as I want to get the show on SIRIUS where it belongs and thank God or Godess, she saw my New York City ad (not the men seeking men ad, the other one). Evie is a veteran of Radio, but never been fired like I have, but I forgave her for that. She has the same desires, I do not mean for Asian women, I mean to do radio LIKE IT FRIGGIN SHOULD BE DONE - UNCENSORED and ORIGINAL

Evie and I intend to create intensity, do some kick ass interviews and bring music back to the importance it should have NEVER lost. AND since I am remaining on the East Coast, Evie and I do it New York City style. So, let's give Evie a big welcome. I'm HOOKED.

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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