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I want you guys to promote your local gigs. You already do that on the show but lets promote on the events page. All I need is YOUR GIG, DATES, WHERE, A PIC, and the FACEBOOK EVENTS or REVEBNATIONS EVENTS PAGE TO LINK TO. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

  • 2/14/14 - Rockabilly Reunion - Lake Havasu, AZ
    6th Annual Rockabilly Reunion Concert with Car Show & Contests , Pin-up Girl Contests , Vendors , Bands , After Parties all week-end.
  • 3/14/12 - Mother CD Release Mercury Lounge, NYC
    Mother, Tempest City, Midnight Mob, Race to Dawn, Kid Felix
  • Ongoing - Hard Rock Rising
    Vote now to help choose which bands should win the opportunity! As an added bonus, youll get a free download with each vote you cast. You can vote for as many bands as you like; but only once per band. The winner will win great prizes and move on and compete in a global competition between winners from 82 participating markets.
  • IAMWE - I wish them well
    On A Personal Note. I, PERSONALLY, want to say goodbye to IAMWE, great band that has shared their personalities, their spirits, their excitement of their music, growth, and travels, and THEIR INCREDIBLE MUSIC. Just saw that their route together is ending but their mark of their music will ALWAYS be part of the Phoenix scene. I was hesitating posting this as it sounds like self promoting but I can't say goodbye without hearing their voices and music once again if you feel the same way please have a listen to these guys on my last interview with them.
  • This Winter!!!!
    You guys think its too hot at 80 degrees this week in Arizona. Even my dog, Kim, is tired of the snow. East Coast records are broken this year, ARIZONA ENJOY YOUR POOLS and have a Frozen Daiquiri for me.

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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