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Bio - Dave Darin - I started this show on April 2010 and successfully got fired from 3 stations (1480am KPHX, 960am KKNT,, most warnings ever on 1100am KFNX, and hated by ALMOST all DJs on 106.7fm KWSS (2-3 weeks from getting fired - rumor has it). They lacked a sense of humor and any tolerance for anything different on Phoenix radio. PLUS these stations CHARGE the fucking host to be onair (INSANE!!!!). I hold the record for the most listened to show that had ever aired on KWSS according to management, and I have the e-mail to prove it. And the show doubled the morning show and tripled the drive time shows ratings, I have the ratings graph to prove it. I do not do boring radio. To me boring radio should be limited to the elevator and, to be honest, I don't even want to hear it there unless I am receiving a soothing BJ on said elevator.

I left my day gig, actually twice, however I didn't get fired like I did in radio, I left. Yes, I got seduced back for 1 "fun filled" year of torture but now I'm totally burnt out on corporate America, and they are burnt out on me as well, plus the show is too much fun in total contrast to cubical life. Don't ask me what I do during the day as it's too boring to even type into my bio, can't even masturbate during the day when one of the booty fulled East Coast babes pass my office. I have been in radio for 4 years on stations that had about as much power as a CB radio with a car antenna, the bent upside down clothes hanger type of antenna. In fact I got fired from one of the stations when I said that I'd have more listeners if I went to a truck stop with a CB radio and entertained the hookers, fired from 1 for interviewing a hooker, including price per hour on a non profit station where no commercials are allowed. I thought my listeners needed the current rates for a BJ and rates for a half and half. I hold the late night record for most guest and most "beeps" per minute, most of the beeps were due to my dialog.

I played in a disco band, decades ago, and brave or stupid enough to admit I LOVE disco, shockingly still straight, I go STRAIGHT to the gay bar. Studied Jazz guitar, played in a Jazz band and then got this bright idea to get into technology, worse yet I stayed at it for 30 years. Was fun for the first decade where you actually got to see faces, now it's all phone, webex, and WOW I still can't believe I did it every day and didn't vomit up every cafateria lunch, which traditionally tasted the same going in as it does coming out. Yes, I know the taste because Corporate America makes you eat shit.

The "new" Dave Darin show is a step out of my immature shockjock days but yes it reverts back to that level time and time again. I can't help it, but NO, I am not copying Howard Stern. If Howard Stern and David Letterman could have both slept with the same woman and combined semen, that child would have been me. I am not anything like Dennis Miller who was responsible for getting me fired from 960am KKNT. I hope to interview Dennis someday, should be easy enough to get a "has been" on the show, and really fuck with his lack of talent.

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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