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The Dave Darin Show NOW 5 days a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7pm - whenever it ends. Mondays and Tuesdays with the weeks Playlist ONLY on

We LOVE you guys that play live, or bring CD's of your stuff, or a mix of both. But can you believe it, those ASCAP guys, SONY, etc. are always watching, or listening :(. So, here are the rules we have to follow. Not to complicated but a pain.
If it's your original material, super cool. just fill out this release to allow us to let you play and promote. Even if it's your original material and your not with ASCAP or even sold a single track just help us out and sign.
Also, fill out the section if you would not mind allowing us to keep some of your songs on our archive list. You will ALWAYS get credit and acknowledgement that it's your material and how to hook up for other info about you. The goal is to get you heard and get you downloaded.
If it's cover material, sorry, you only get to do 1 min or less. But, the trick is to do medleys. 1 min of one track and a quick switch to another. Believe me, even when I do my Neil Diamond impressions I have to do 1 min of Cracklin Rosie,1 min of Cherry Cherry, and finally 1 min of Sweet Caroline, to a standing ovation.
So, here is the form:
Band Name
Music or Talent
I/we will be performing material. I/we, part of ASCAP. I/we are performing on the Dave Darin Show for promotional purposes and are not receiving paid compensation for the appearance. Any song played, in part or in full is released to the Dave Darin Show for this one time appearance. Any cover material (music owned by other artist - popular or unpopular) MUST be limited to 1 min performance. Medleys of cover music must be equal or less that 1 min in duration for each tune and must move to a different tune in the medley.
Any future appearances will require a release for those performances. This release covers this perfomance ONLY.
Also, we the Dave Darin Show to post our music on the archives section of the Dave Darin Show website for our personal promotion. NO played or downloaded track found in the archive will be sold or marketed in anyway without our written permission.

I/we per signature below, agree to the release.

Name: airdate:
If a Band please include multiple signatures:

You may sbmit this form, or print it out and bring to the show at the airdate. If you did not submit or bring the release with you, you will be provided one for signature before your appearance. Thanks.

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Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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