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THE FRIDAY 9/26/14 LINEUP!!!!!
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show (Full Show)- 1hr 16mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show - 2hr 03mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - OddCast Z-Lab with Budd Zunga - 1hr 05mins

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Reggae/Blue/and A Birthday Bash!!!!!

I thought I was booked to interview Ray the Gay but skypes lack of clarity made Reggae sound like Ray the Gay.

I interviewed the Reggae band - Indaze. The bass player looked dead on like a failed morning show host I know all too well who doesn't like me ALL TOO WELL AT ALL. I would rather throw him down a well. Indaze kicked ass. I saw them live at the Brooklyn Bowl, very fun and great venue.

Then we hit it up with a South Philly, 9th Street Italian Market, interview with Ray Charles Impersonator and solo performer, singer/song writer, dancer, overall entertainer - Movin Melvin Brown. WOW, check out an acapella solo of Ray Charles right from 9th Street. He is off to tour the world, Germany next. I hope to hook up with a live set from Philly or New York on his return. Till then enjoy him on the show and I will get him on again soon for more extensive interview and music.

Then a sponsor, Macha Bar. Check out this new store in Brooklyn, NY, walking distance to Brooklyn Bowl, great venue. Get some natural energy before the gig!!!!!
  • Indaze - Reggae/Fusion
    InDaze is a New York City based Reggae/Fusion band whose sound is as eclectic and energetic as its members. The members consist of Gage Weir (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Brennan Weir (Guitar), Michael Forsyth (Bass), Jelm (Drums), and Frances Azucena (Trumpet). This powerhouse band fuses together diverse genres together in order to bring a unique listening experience to all types of music lovers.
    Singer, Dancer, Tap-Dancer, Comedy, Characters, Mime, Robotics, Great Story teller, and Song Stylist. Moviní Melvin Brown was born in Cincinnati Ohio USA, he started to steal the hearts of people who watched him dance at the age of five, from a church and gospel background. He had his own doo-wop group as a teenager, where as Cincinnati was the hub... of Black music during this time he opened and appeared with such greats as James Brown, BB King, The Isley Brothers, Little Stevie Wonder etc., later forming the group Moviní Soothin and Stone Funk Band, who toured extensively throughout the US and Canada, and recorded the hit song ëSend Me Some Loveí, at which time they appeared with the likes of Lionel Ritchie and The Commodores, and The Ohio Players, this was only one of the many songs that Melvin wrote and sang on with the group, and appeared in the movie ëThe Minstrel Maní.
  • Sectas - Rock/Alt Metal
    Remember when the mention of Metal music set your heart on fire, the lights, the power guitar solos, the long hair and the singers actually sang? SECTAS does, this powerful trio (Christian Lee Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals, David Sectas Bass/Back-up Vocals and Jonathan Collier Drums/Back-up vocals) are sure to bring you back to a time when metal Gods were hailed as heroes, as they should. Christianís gu...itar licks have the ability to grab your very soul and make it throw up the metal horns, Davidís stellar bass tactics tantalize the beast within to scream like a teenage groupie and Jonathanís drums reach into your chest forcing your heart rhythm to match his fierce double kick abilities. Their musical influences span from Alice in Chains to Megadeth and many more making them a force to be reckoned with in a metal world that lost its way.
  • Frequis - Female-fronted Rock
    Frequis is a female-fronted hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their distinctive sound is defined by a powerful yet melodic voice, a relentlessly driving rhythm section, dynamic guitar solos and high octane live performances. The song writing and their vocalist's unique vocal range and refined screaming ability set them apart from any other female-fronted band.
  • Odd Cast - with Budd Zunga
    Born in Nashville TN.,Budd Zunga is a versatile musician with skills that pull deep from the soul of Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz,.He and his music are new to the Syracuse market and he is trying hard to have it take root. His aspirations lay in one day becoming a musical influence as did his hero Frank Zappa. His past has laid a foundation that creates his unique style. When asked about influences he says," The Beatles, Beck, Berry, Stravinsky and Mozart,these are just a few, I believe that the musical quality of the harmony of nature abounds and begs to be interpreted, this is my inspiration."
  • DJ Perry
    A third generation Native Arizonan, Perry spent his early DJ days spinning at a dozen of small clubs, sports bars, and odd ball gigs. It wasnt until 1998 when he became a regular at Club Rio spinning 2-3 nights a week for over a year. Even though the place is shut down now, it opened the door to radio since thats where he met his connections to his first AZ residence: Mega 104.3 and sister station Energy Az (later changed format to The Beat).
  • Al Walser - Al Walsers Weekly Top20
    A new form of Rock'n Roll. Al can either be hard or HARDER. Grammy Nominated artist who takes the crowd by the balls and grips it there until it begs for submission. Al Walser expresses this by being an artist first,mirrored by his energy, passion, and style. He acts to make people react. Born to Perform!

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