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Previously this week: Weed Out The Weak, Doctor Bones, Chemicals Of Democracy, Base Line Bums, Rick English, Brian Howe, Phil La Placa, Cold Fronts, My World, Bucket Drummer, Menage

  • Rabid Assassin - Drop Down Angry Groove Metal
    Rabid Assassin is a Horror Themed Drop-Tuned Heavy Metal band from south central PA. Formed in 2013 by veteran Epiphone Endorsed shredder guitarist, Thane Farace on Vocals/ Lead Guitar and fellow musicians Chad Bedsaul- Rhythm Guitar, Dan Delaney- Bass & Corey Brooks- Drums. Rabid Assassin quickly set out on a path of PURE MAYHEM sharing the stage with Metal Greats like "RAVEN, GENERATION KILL (Featuring Rob Dukes of Exodus), METAL MIKE (of Halford & Painmuseum), REVERENCE, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, RESISTANCE, SPREAD EAGLE and more".
  • Weed Out The Weak- Somewhere between Prog Rock and Metal - (Groove-Metal).
    "Weed out the Weak ... !! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE !! A diverse fusion of PUNK, ROCK, REGGAE, and RAP ... A blend that many may do, but can't do as well." - Willis Day Jr.
  • Doctor Bones - Indie Dance Punk
    Doctor Bones is an avant-pop mixture of new wave and punk, with an ear for dynamic tension, emotional swells, and dance inducing beats. Doctor Bones is a culmination of the pop lessons learned from The Cars, Talking Heads, and U2.
  • Chemicals Of Democracy - Metal/Hard Rock
    The band has rleased their debut on Dark Lord Records "The American Scream", produced by C.O.D and the British Grammy-nominated Chris Tsangarides known for his work with Judas Priest, Anvil, Depeche Mode, and Concrete Blonde, to name a few.
  • Base Line Bums - Punk Rock
    BLB has been through a few line-up changes, but the two core members still remain. In 2011 Bass Line Bums were signed to Splatterhouse Wreckords with whom they have release a full length record in 2012 called "Gettin By". Conquering the world, one show at a time.
  • Rick English - Singer/Song Writer
    Vdery talented and seasoned Singer/Song Writer who plays a ton of instruments and is ALWAYS performing some GREAT music.
  • Brian Howe - former lead vocals w/Bad Company
    As one of rock's legendary voices, Brian Howe exploded onto the scene when he partnered up as lead vocalist with multi-platinum artist Ted Nugent for the 1983 album, Penetrator. As the front man of Nugent's live show, the album's tour took Howe around the globe - his first opportunity to share his killer rock vocals internationally, and it wouldn't be long before the world would take notice of Howe's ascension to super-stardom with his next venture - Bad Company.
  • Phil La Placa - Rock
    Huge voice, was and IS one of the best voices in Philadelphia and been on many a Philly station when Philly radio kicked ass once, a long time back. This guy is a MAJOR talent.
  • Cold Fronts - Raw
    Cold Fronts are in the studio currently making their debut album for Sire Records. The band has shared stages with The Vaccines, Maps & Atlases, The Morning Benders, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr, mewithoutYou, and many more.
  • My World - Rock
    MY WORLD is a NYC based three-piece indie-rock powerhouse, a cult phenomenon and entertainment industry favorite. Musicianship, songwriting and the crave to entertain have brought them to the forefront of the music scene paving the road for their undeniable track record. Along with the straight up catchy rock tunes, MY WORLD takes their audience on a musical adventure mixing original composition and obscure cover tunes with musical antics that keep the crowd riveted! Each member's diverse talents bring a full musical experience to every audience. They can best be described as a mid-air collision of The Talking Heads and The Foo-Fighters crash landing in the middle of a Phish concert...with no casualties, of course.
  • Bucket Drummer
    Check this guy out. Didn't leave a name and does not use facebook. Must be part of the deep underground. He did ask me for some weed after the interview. Actually a very awesome drummer playing some un-awesome drums, aka, a Lowes utility bucket.
  • Menage - Alternative
    The Ferreira siblings spent there whole childhood travelling between Toronto Canada, and Small town Portugal where their heritage and much of their family still lived. Through being divided between Canadian, indoor boredom, and European culture, the common thread that was present on both sides of the globe, was the influence of the music that they were exposed to.
  • SIRIUS - We want SIRIUS
    Get us on SIRIUS, and that INCLUDES the Bands that have been on the show, West and Est Coast, AND BUDD ZUNGA. Keep listening, spread the word, have your friends, family, and fans listen to the show consistently. That is the way to get our collective asses on SIRIUS.
  • Odd Cast - with Budd Zunga
    Born in Nashville TN.,Budd Zunga is a versatile musician with skills that pull deep from the soul of Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz,.He and his music are new to the Syracuse market and he is trying hard to have it take root. His aspirations lay in one day becoming a musical influence as did his hero Frank Zappa. His past has laid a foundation that creates his unique style. When asked about influences he says," The Beatles, Beck, Berry, Stravinsky and Mozart,these are just a few, I believe that the musical quality of the harmony of nature abounds and begs to be interpreted, this is my inspiration."

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