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This weeks show I am dedicating to a wild tiny bird I found in a tree, fell out of her nest. For 3 days I tried to help her, feed her, she died in my hand today. Dog, Cat, and now Bird lover. I dedicate those listening to this show or visiting in memory of this tiny girl. Hard to believe a guy that host an often rock or metal show can be so sensative. You know you love doing something when you are emotionally beat, as I was when the tiny little bird passed, but I could still interview the bands at Big Fish. I really love what I do and the bands and musicians that allow me to do it every week. Sorry, just been a tough week for me.

Big Fish Pub

The Asphalt

The 60 East Band

Eken Is Dead/Miles To Nowhere+++ Rock Americana
Promo w/Miles To Nowhere Sample Track - Where the Past Begins Sample Track - Fly

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