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THE Saturday 2/22/14 LINEUP!!!!!
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Tonights Dave Darin Show - 1hr 20mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - DJ Perry - House Mix 122 - 59mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Fridays Dave Darin Show - 1hr 09mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Thursday Nights HUGE Show - 2hr 36mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Thursdays - The Odd Cast (Segment) - 1hr 03mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - The Tuesday Night Playlist - 1hr 01mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - The Monday Night Playlist - 49mins

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Awesome show tonight Jeds A Millionaire and they say they ARE
AND Andy Rehfeldt check out his Jazz version of Enter Sandman.

7:00pm AZ time (OR ON DEMAND)!!!!
  • Jeds A Millionaire - Rock/Pop/Post Punk
    R. Shawn Harrington, lead singer and songwriter, was discussing music with his brother Rob. "You just need your guitar, some inspiration and a little luck and next thing you know....Jed's a Millionaire!". Jed's a Millionaire is R. Shawn Harrington - Songwriter/Vocals/Guitar - Aaron Ploechl - Guitar - Andy Ziker - Drums
  • Andy Rehfeldt - I write them all, but metal and funk are my favorites
    I'm a musician/composer in LA. My hobby is making my funny YouTube video dubs. I'm thrilled that you all are entertained by them. Cheers!
  • Red Tide Rising - Active/Hard Rock
    Red Tide Rising just completed recording their 3rd CD, The Rising which will release in early July, watch for tour dates this summer as they get closer to the release of The Rising!
  • Chernobyl Records - Development, Production, and Distribution
    At Chernobyl Records we have one thing in mind, the Artists. Our mission is to walk the artist through the Development, Production, and finally the Distribution of their music. and have a little fun while doing it! Thus, Chernobyl Records was then founded in 2012 with the goal of assisting young artists in their venture to the national stage when all doors were closed.
  • D.J. Perry
    A third generation Native Arizonan, Perry spent his early DJ days spinning at a dozen of small clubs, sports bars, and odd ball gigs. It wasnt until 1998 when he became a regular at Club Rio spinning 2-3 nights a week for over a year. Even though the place is shut down now, it opened the door to radio since thats where he met his connections to his first AZ residence: Mega 104.3 and sister station Energy Az (later changed format to The Beat).

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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