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Dave Darin is BACK!!!! Broadcasting from Philly, BUT ITS ALL PHOENIX bands. GET YOUR ASS ON THIS SHOW. Dave Darin returns to Phoenix Jan 2014

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Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding

Introducing Ziggy Kennedy

Interview with Michael Beck NEW DJ Joins!!!!
Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding Segment Ziggy Kennedy Segment

Hotrock SupaJoint

High Noon w/Ziggy Kennedy

Comedy/Stoner RockHip Hop HOT NEW SHOW
Hotrock SupaJoint Segment The Ziggy Kennedy Show - High Noon

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Last Thursday's show - 11-28-13

Thursday's show - 12-05-13 (Thursday 7pm AZ)

NEW!!!!! High Noon/w Ziggy 12-05-13 (Thursday 8pm"ish" AZ)

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