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THE FRIDAY 11/07/14 LINEUP!!!!!
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show - 1hr 59mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - OddCast Z-Lab with Budd Zunga - 1hr 04mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Tiff Arballo Show - 1hr 28mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show - 1hr 39mins

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What A SHOW!!!

Recorded in NYC at the College Music Journal, Part 3.

My World. These guys played Toshi's in Manhattan and WOW. EXTREMELY diverse and their onstage presence is EXTREME!!!! Fronted by a NYC actor. WHO???? Well listen and find out. All 3 tracks aired are hugely different.

Meghann Wright. Excellent musician with a LOT of fun stories. Find out how she came to write her song, NOT THE COVER, cocaine. Very fun and upfront interview.

And, check this guy out. Didn't leave a name and does not use facebook. Must be part of the deep underground. He did ask me for some weed after the interview. Actually a very awesome drummer playing some un-awesome drums, aka, a Lowes utility bucket.

Menage direct from Canada, back in NYC. WOW what an interview. Very VERY fun, alive, EXPLICIT as F---K so be careful while listening. AND THE MUSIC !!!!!! WOW !!!!!!

AND walking to my next gig I was behind these 2 guys talking about the HORRORS of a Bachelor Party that made the bride with hold precious sex. OUCH!!!! Find out wtf happened and if and when he got laid.
  • My World - Rock
    MY WORLD is a NYC based three-piece indie-rock powerhouse, a cult phenomenon and entertainment industry favorite. Musicianship, songwriting and the crave to entertain have brought them to the forefront of the music scene paving the road for their undeniable track record. Along with the straight up catchy rock tunes, MY WORLD takes their audience on a musical adventure mixing original composition and obscure cover tunes with musical antics that keep the crowd riveted! Each member's diverse talents bring a full musical experience to every audience. They can best be described as a mid-air collision of The Talking Heads and The Foo-Fighters crash landing in the middle of a Phish concert...with no casualties, of course.
  • Meghann Wright - Dirty Rhythm n' Blues
    With an equal love and influence from a wide style of genres, Meghann Wright's songs of love, liquored memories, heartbreak, and resilience resonate with anyone listening. The Brooklyn-based Singer/Songwriter is a songstress that finds her way into all of our hearts, traveling a path paved with lost loves through a life of contrasts that can be felt and heard the moment you push play.
  • Bucket Drummer
    Check this guy out. Didn't leave a name and does not use facebook. Must be part of the deep underground. He did ask me for some weed after the interview. Actually a very awesome drummer playing some un-awesome drums, aka, a Lowes utility bucket.
  • Menage - Alternative
    The Ferreira siblings spent there whole childhood travelling between Toronto Canada, and Small town Portugal where their heritage and much of their family still lived. Through being divided between Canadian, indoor boredom, and European culture, the common thread that was present on both sides of the globe, was the influence of the music that they were exposed to.
  • Bachelor Party Gone Wrong
    I was packing up the gear ready to move to the next gig and walking back to the car I was behind these guys talking about a huge f--k up of a Bachelor Party gone WAY wrong. Check this interview out with no names mentioned to protect the GUILTY.
  • Butcher Knives - Gypsybilly/Punk
    Brooklyn-based Butcher Knives is a multilingual whirlwind of international musical and cultural movements, anchored to a high-octane punk rock aesthetic. The band's members collectively hail from four countries, speak five languages, and possess three U.S. passports and a handful of work visas. With roots in Morocco, Israel, Colombia, New York, and New Orleans, Butcher Knives truly embody their multi-lingual, diverse, and multi-cultural sound and message. Together they test the outer limits of their musical dexterity in the context of the simplicity and anarchy of punk rock.
  • The Rare Occasions - Garage/Post-Prog
    After making their mark on the Providence rock scene with their reputable act, The Valar, drummer Luke Imbusch and singer/keyboardist Brian McLaughlin decided to take their unmistakable sound with them to Boston. There they teamed up with bassist Jeremy Cohen and guitarist Peter Stone, and quickly began constructing a set more formidable than their last. As The Rare Occasions, these four intertwine well-crafted songwriting with an unapologetically bold sense of musicianship to bring the music to the people.
  • SIRIUS - We want SIRIUS
    Get us on SIRIUS, and that INCLUDES the Bands that have been on the show, West and Est Coast, AND BUDD ZUNGA. Keep listening, spread the word, have your friends, family, and fans listen to the show consistently. That is the way to get our collective asses on SIRIUS.
  • Odd Cast - with Budd Zunga
    Born in Nashville TN.,Budd Zunga is a versatile musician with skills that pull deep from the soul of Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz,.He and his music are new to the Syracuse market and he is trying hard to have it take root. His aspirations lay in one day becoming a musical influence as did his hero Frank Zappa. His past has laid a foundation that creates his unique style. When asked about influences he says," The Beatles, Beck, Berry, Stravinsky and Mozart,these are just a few, I believe that the musical quality of the harmony of nature abounds and begs to be interpreted, this is my inspiration."
  • Tiffany Arballo - Radio Personality
    Born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona,Tiff decided radio & music were her path at a very young age. In 2002 Tiff hosted an AM kids radio show on KWSX where she learned recording, sound engineering and skills to be a DJ. In 2008 Tiff began following her own dream and began observing several different types of artists at several valleywide venues & small bars which gave her the opportunity of befriending alot of the amazing artists that she knows today.
  • DJ Perry
    A third generation Native Arizonan, Perry spent his early DJ days spinning at a dozen of small clubs, sports bars, and odd ball gigs. It wasnt until 1998 when he became a regular at Club Rio spinning 2-3 nights a week for over a year. Even though the place is shut down now, it opened the door to radio since thats where he met his connections to his first AZ residence: Mega 104.3 and sister station Energy Az (later changed format to The Beat).
  • Al Walser - Al Walsers Weekly Top20
    A new form of Rock'n Roll. Al can either be hard or HARDER. Grammy Nominated artist who takes the crowd by the balls and grips it there until it begs for submission. Al Walser expresses this by being an artist first,mirrored by his energy, passion, and style. He acts to make people react. Born to Perform!

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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