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THE FRIDAY 10/24/14 LINEUP!!!!!
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show (Full Show)- 1hr 59mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Tiff Arballo Show (Tommy Gibbons)- 40mins

PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - Dave Darin Show - 1hr 58mins
PLAY IT NOW!!!!!ON DEMAND - OddCast Z-Lab with Budd Zunga - 1hr 04mins

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365 Radio Network - 10/24/15 - 5/11/15

This will be my only page referencing 365 Radio Network as I am keeping it marked with dates, start and endm and a description of what happened for legal reasons.

I was introduced to 365 Radio Network by a contract who's name will not be disclosed unless legal action takes place. The introduction was made that I was/am a shock jock, or to be correct in my interpretation, I do UNCENSORED radio. 100% uncensored, for online radio ONLY, listener discretion advised.

Podcast were sent to 365 Radio Network, and all my podcast from 2010 though 10/16/14 were fully available on The owner and co-owner of 365 Radio Network liked and agreed to air my show on their networks which included fully posted links from to all 365 Radio Network to include:

Rock365, Indie365, Metal365, Xtreme365, Elite365, Ultimate365, WNDY, Full Impact, Highway Rock, Rock Invasion, Iron Waves, Wildhorses, Generation Mix.

I was never asked to provide the station with any alternative or censored format other than my 100% uncensored format. The show was provided to 365 Radio Network via Dropbox on the evening prior to airdate, or at worse by 10am Arizona time, to provide enough time for 365 Radio Network to preview or play the entire broadcast. Liner notes of who each shows guest(s) were and highlighted topics were also provided.

After 7 full months of the show airing (10/24/15 - 5/11/15), identical to all available podcast that are still available on with no censorship ever being added to any of the shows, Podcast or otherwise, I am listening after about 15 minutes of the 5/11/15 show and find that my show is not playing. I contact the station, received a very quick facebook reply that sponsors are pissed.

The next day I continue the conversation and I am told that one minute after my show began to air a sponsor contacted 365 Radio Network to complain about content, identical content, including language and adult situations, had always been aired on my show for the full 7 months. I was told that my show was pulled after 5 minutes of runtime.

From there the situation escalated. I was told that I should know better than to have my content of adult language, material, and situations played in storefronts. I references that it was NEVER disclosed to me that my show WAS being distributed to ANY storefronts and NO alternative/censored broadcast was ever requested to exclude any of my adult/mature intended listener. I also made 365 Radio Network aware that even if I had knowledge that my show was being aired in "storefronts" that the word "storefronts" could be interpreted as adult video stores, sexual aid stores, and that I, infact, had recently recorded a live show from the Museum of Sex in New York City which is a storefront. I was fired by a very angry owner of 365 Radio Network and threatened with a lawsuit if any damages were suffered. There was no distribution agreement and any distribution of my show to any sponsor or listener was directly distributed by 365 Radio Network, Dave Darin provided NO format, distribution, or file exchange to any other entity other than 365 Radio Network.

I was asked by my attorney if I wanted to communicate with 365 Radio Network to negotiate a return to 365 Radio Network airwaves but I choose no longer to be associated with very poor management who are very short sighted and do not take personal responsibilities for their actions and do not disclose to their podcasters on who will be listening to materials. It was recommended by my Attorney that I might bring 365 Radio Network to court to discover how many "new" sponsors were picked up with revenue potentially entitled to Dave Darin, LLC but I elected to end the relationship without legal action and just terminate the bad relationship on a poorly managed network.

  • Super Powers - Afrobeat
    The Superpowers is a supergroup of musicians dedicated to providing only the heaviest 21st Century grooves. Originally formed in 2005 as an 11-member Afrobeat group, the band has reunited (after a hiatus starting in 2009) as a stream-lined force drawing influences from the entire world of horn driven and dance oriented musics. The Superpowers includes members of John Brown's Body, Beyonce, Debo Band, Full Tang, Esperanza Spalding, Dub Apocalypse and collectively have performed at the majority of major venues and festivals all over the globe.
  • Indaze - Reggae/Fusion
    InDaze is a New York City based Reggae/Fusion band whose sound is as eclectic and energetic as its members. The members consist of Gage Weir (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Brennan Weir (Guitar), Michael Forsyth (Bass), Jelm (Drums), and Frances Azucena (Trumpet). This powerhouse band fuses together diverse genres together in order to bring a unique listening experience to all types of music lovers.
  • Tiffany Arballo - Radio Personality
    Born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona,Tiff decided radio & music were her path at a very young age. In 2002 Tiff hosted an AM kids radio show on KWSX where she learned recording, sound engineering and skills to be a DJ. In 2008 Tiff began following her own dream and began observing several different types of artists at several valleywide venues & small bars which gave her the opportunity of befriending alot of the amazing artists that she knows today.
  • Tommy Gibbons - Rock/Alternative/Progressive
    "I'm here to break the rules. I'm not following anyone or anything. I'm going to do what I want to do and play what I want to play and with hopes that people feel my passion and musical vision"
  • The Chimpz - Rock/Metal/Hip Hop
    The explosive music of THE CHIMPZ was born and developed from their everyday struggles in the streets of Los Angeles. The band has just released their new single "California", following with a new self-titled EP to be released September 9th, 2014. Their songs are a Street savvy chronicle of their musical journey through the hustle and flow of life in LA, while always delivering a memorable hook.
  • People Of The Holly - Rock
    These guys were great. They opened the Chimpz night and they did have one tracks laid down and we get to hear "Truth". I LOVED that track.
  • Park Ape - Hard Rock
    An offensive and irreverent mix of music and musicians virtually guaranteed to piss some off, and enliven others.
  • The Ones You Forgot - Pop/Rock
    A 5 piece Rock/Pop band from Brick, New Jersey. We make music and crack stupid jokes.
  • SIRIUS - We want SIRIUS
    Get us on SIRIUS, and that INCLUDES the Bands that have been on the show, West and Est Coast, AND BUDD ZUNGA. Keep listening, spread the word, have your friends, family, and fans listen to the show consistently. That is the way to get our collective asses on SIRIUS.
  • Odd Cast - with Budd Zunga
    Born in Nashville TN.,Budd Zunga is a versatile musician with skills that pull deep from the soul of Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz,.He and his music are new to the Syracuse market and he is trying hard to have it take root. His aspirations lay in one day becoming a musical influence as did his hero Frank Zappa. His past has laid a foundation that creates his unique style. When asked about influences he says," The Beatles, Beck, Berry, Stravinsky and Mozart,these are just a few, I believe that the musical quality of the harmony of nature abounds and begs to be interpreted, this is my inspiration."
  • DJ Perry
    A third generation Native Arizonan, Perry spent his early DJ days spinning at a dozen of small clubs, sports bars, and odd ball gigs. It wasnt until 1998 when he became a regular at Club Rio spinning 2-3 nights a week for over a year. Even though the place is shut down now, it opened the door to radio since thats where he met his connections to his first AZ residence: Mega 104.3 and sister station Energy Az (later changed format to The Beat).
  • Al Walser - Al Walsers Weekly Top20
    A new form of Rock'n Roll. Al can either be hard or HARDER. Grammy Nominated artist who takes the crowd by the balls and grips it there until it begs for submission. Al Walser expresses this by being an artist first,mirrored by his energy, passion, and style. He acts to make people react. Born to Perform!

Below is the HUGE archive of shows from way back in April 2010 and up-to-date

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