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No More recording studio!!!! We now take the show right to the bands, right to the fans, and right to the listeners. Join us at Big Fish on Wednesdays and Goathead on Fridays for bands and fans.

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Mike Got Spiked

Escaped - Journey Tribute Band

Lost In Lies

Rock/Punk/Alt The Music of Journey Metal
Sample Track - None Sample Track - None Sample Track - None


EVENT - 9-30-11 @ Goathead Saloon

EVENT - 10-30-11 @ Rhythm Room

Rock/Alternative Rock Uphoria/Lost In Lies/Rocking Horse/Sonic Cocaine P.A.W.S. Fundraiser
Sample Track - Bones Sample Track - None Sample Track - None

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Dave Darin Show
Mon - Fri 5-7pm
Schedule of Programs

Fayuka, Against The Natural, Tridon, Blues Review Band
Spin Cycle - Metal Mondays
Mike Got Spiked, Escaped, Lost In Lies
Spin Cycle - Trama Tuesdays
357, Tyler Floria, BluZone, Hotfoot
Spin Cycle - Hip Hop Hump Day
Sectas, Coldest Lonely, Catfish Mustache
Spin Cycle - Rockin Thursdays
Rhythm Dragons, Look Out Look, Dead Letters
Spin Cycle - Funky Fridays
Super Funk Allstars, Deceived, Kitsune Robot
Spin Cycle - Something Saturdays
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